We only sell first-hand products.
We sell outlet garments, shoes and accessories for women, men and kids. Fashionable garments, in quality fabrics and nice cut. Our customers deserve the best products, and this is what our buying team keeps looking for. We make our utmost to offer trendy and stylish garments that can answer different needs and personalities, whether for the working urban individual or the casual student, whether for official events or adventure weekends up in the mountains… at the cheapest price.
Our offer is very diverse and renewed constantly in all our stores, with daily deliveries from our warehouse.
We guarantee the best prices all year long.


Our knowledge of the fashion industry allows us to offer branded products from European well established brands, where French brands are well represented. We trust in long-term business partnerships and have been working with some of the brands from the very beginning. Gémo, La Halle, Esprit are some of the 20 or so brands we work with. Thanks to each brand specific DNA, we are in a position to offer a great choice of different styles and a large and evolving assortment.
We understand brand image is a key factor, and we are very careful to make sure our shops are clean, organized and well displayed to show products at their best. Steady and reliable, we have earned our business partners’ trust throughout the years.